NutriCalf Standard

NutriCalf Standard is a milk replacer to be fed from 14 days of age. This product has lived up to expectations even under the most difficult working
conditions. It contains 65% of dairy products. Time-tested product made according to a classic recipe.
Most proteins in this product are obtained from dairy raw materials (whey being one of the key ingredients). Whey and milk proteins are better absorbed and digested than vegetable proteins.
NutriCalf Standard offers a great combination of fast and slow absorbing energy in the gastrointestinal tract. Milk sugar and fructose are the sources of
fast absorbing energy providing the calf with an energy boost. In addition, easily digestible coconut and palm oils ensure constant levels of energy from one feeding to the next one.
The fiber contained in NutriCalf Standard improves digestion and speeds up the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract, maintains normal gut microbiota. Oligosaccharides found in fiber are serving as nutrients for probiotic bacteria preventing the development of dysbiosis.

Parameters Units Microelements mg/kg
Protein % 22 Zn 65
Fat % 16 Cu 10
Ash % 9 Fe 100
Fiber % 0.8 Mn 30
Ca % 0.8 J 1
P % 0.6 Se 0.4
Vitamins Co 0.5
Vitamin A Me 25000 Mg 70
Vitamin D Me 7500
Vitamin E mg 250