NutriLamb is a milk replacer for lambs to be used after colostrum feeding, i.e., from 4 days of age. This product is made of 95 % dairy products, of which 40% is skimmed milk powder.
The proportion of plant and animal protein in NutriLamb is well-balanced providing a high-quality source of protein for lambs.
Coconut and palm oils boost the immune system, suppress the growth of bacteria that can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract, help absorb nutrients and improve appetite.
The product also contains immunity strengthening complex „BioPlus® YC“. This feed additive provides gut microbiota with probiotic bacteria.

Parameters Units Microelements mg/kg
Protein % 22 Zn 65
Fat % 25 Zn (Chelate) 20
Ash % 7 Cu 10
Fiber % <0.1 Cu (Chelate) 5
Ca % 0.8 Fe 100
P % 0.2 Mn 30
Vitamins Mn (Chelate) 8
Vitamin A Me 25000 J 1
Vitamin D Me 7500 Se 0.4
Vitamin E mg 300 Se (Chelate) 0.05
Co 0.5
Mg 70