NutriCamel is a milk replacer for camel to be fed after colostrum, i.e., from 4 days of age.
NutriCamel contains over 90% of dairy products. High fat and protein content ensures healthy growth and weight gain at an affordable price. NutriCamel is easy to use as camel willingly drink it. The product is highly soluble and easily mixed up.
Ingredients: skimmed milk powder, whey powder concentrate, whey powder.
NutriCamel milk replacer is free of stabilizers and allergens that may have negative impact on the health of camel.

Parameters Units Mikroelements mg/kg
Protein % 26 Zn 65
Fat % 31 Zn (Chelate) 20
Ash % 6 Cu 10
Fiber % 0.5 Cu (Chelate) 5
Ca % 2.0 Fe 100
P % 0.2 Mn 30
Vitamins Mn (Chelate) 8
Vitamin A Me 25000 J 1
Vitamin D Me 7500 Se 0.2
Vitamin E mg 300 Se (Chelate) 0.05
Co 0.5
Mg 70