NutriCalf Start

NutriCalf Start – great start and performance.
NutriCalf Start is a milk replacer for calves from 4 days of age. This is a well-balanced and widely used milk replacer containing 90 % of dairy products. NutriCalf Start milk replacers are of high-quality and highly water-soluble. The replacer also contains immunity strengthening complex „BioPlus® YC“. This feed additive provides gut microbiota with probiotic bacteria. NutriCalf Start has an excellent energy balance as a result of ingredients such as milk sugar and properly absorbed and easily digestible coconut and palm oils.
NutriCalf Start contains coconut and palm oils that suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, help absorb nutrients and restore the health of calves.

Suitable for automatic feeding systems.


Parameters Units Microelements mg/kg
Protein % 22 Zn 65
Fat % 17 Zn (Chelate) 20
Ash % 7 Cu 10
Fiber % <0.1 Cu (Chelate) 5
Ca % 0.8 Fe 100
P % 0.6 Mn 30
Vitamins Mn (Chelate) 8
Vitamin A Me 25000 J 1
Vitamin D Me 7500 Se 0.4
Vitamin E mg 300 Se (Chelate) 0.05
Co 0.5
Mg 70