NutriCalf Premium

NutriCalf Premium is GMO-free milk replacer with 40 % of skimmed milk powder for professional use immediately after colostrum, i.e., from 4 days of age. This replacer contains 90 % of dairy products, of which 40 % is skimmed milk powder. Raw materials used for the production of this product are highly valuable, digestible and well absorbed. NutriCalf Premium contains coconut and palm oils that suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, help absorb nutrients and improve appetite, increase the consumption of starter feed, therefore, maximum daily weight gain is achieved. The replacer also contains immunity strengthening complex „BioPlus® YC“ which provides gut microbiota with probiotic bacteria.
NUTRICALF PREMIUM is highly soluble, therefore is suitable for automatic feeders.

Quality  Parameters Units Microelements mg/kg
Protein %  23 Zn  65
Fat %  18 Zn (Chelate)  20
Ash %  7 Cu  10
 Fiber %  <0.1  Cu (Chelate)  5
 Ca %  0.8  Fe  100
 P %  0.6 Mn  30
 Vitamins  Mn (Chelate)  8
 Vitamin A Me  25000  J  1
 Vitamin D Me  7500  Se  0.4
 Vitamin E mg  250  Se (Chelate)  0.05
Co 0.5
Mg 70