NutriCalf Plus

NutriCalf Plus is a unique, multi-functional milk replacer used as a preventive, therapeutic or regular milk replacer for calves of different age and can be fed from 21 days of age.
This milk replacer is a complex of various ingredients having both nutritional and therapeutic properties.
This unique product contains linseed flour which is obtained during cold pressed process oil extraction (max. temperature 40 °C), therefore, all nutrients are preserved: vitamins, enzymes, and other biologically active compounds. Flaxseed cake suppresses inflammatory processes, protects mucous membrane of the small intestine, stimulates biliary excretion, detoxifies body, binds and removes toxins from the body.
Glycine chelates are easily absorbed and strengthen the immune system and general health.

Parameters Units Microelements mg/kg
Protein % 23 Zn 65
Fat % 12 Zn (Chelate) 20
Ash % 9 Cu 10
Fiber % 2.0 Cu (Chelate) 5
Ca % 0.8 Fe 100
P % 0.6 Mn 30
Vitamins Mn (Chelate) 8
Vitamin A Me 25000 J 1
Vitamin D Me 7500 Se 0.4
Vitamin E mg 300 Se (Chelate) 0.05
Co 0.5
Mg 70