NutriPig is specially balanced feed supplement used for feeding piglets and other livestock.
NutriPig improves the aroma and flavour properties of feed, thus increasing the intake of feed. The product contains fibre that improves digestion
and feed conversion. NutriPig advantages: a great quality-price ratio, enabling to achieve better results at lower costs; a blend of milk and plant products with optimal content of protein, lactose and amino acids which fully satisfy the needs of livestock; great tasting; easily mixed-up; stimulates the development and growth of livestock; livestock receiving NutriPig supplement start eating feed earlier and more willingly; protection from metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases.
Ingredients: whey powder, soybean powder, whey permeate, vanilla flavouring.
This product contains genetically modified organisms.

Parameters Units
Crude protein % 38
Crude fat % 1
Crude fiber % 2
Ash % 7.0
Moisture % 5
Lactose % 20-23
Carbohydrates % 50-53
Calcium % 0.6
Phosporus % 0.7
Sodium % 0.2
Potassium % 2.1

Nutripig usage: mixing into the main fodder with the bellow indicated dosage:

5-25% 3-10%