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Milk substitute for calf growers professionals
for use immediately after colostrum


Supreme quality milk replacer balanced to specific needs!

Nutricalf Premium – milk substitute

containing NON – GMO.


NutriLamb – milk replacer for lambs

About us

NutriCalf milk – replacer stands out for its excellency in quality and guaranteed result as an ongoing feeding process with NutriCalf milk replacer portfolio products. NutriCalf products are complete milk replacers for calves of the unique formula making them exclusive commodity in the market. NutriCalf is designed for the different age groups, differs in the market for its supreme quality and excellent digestibility, ensuring calves growing healthy and with full potential. NutriCalf differs not only by its formula but also by functionality. Farms are offered a possibility to choose milk replacer satisfying their specific farm needs. NutriCalf milk replacers can be given to highly sensitive calves, with an age of a few days, due to the reason that all raw materials used in the production are of high biological value and easily digestible, highly soluble in water. In addition, they have other features of equivalent importance, such as prevention of digestive disorders, immunity enhancement, appetite improvement etc.

skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder, soy protein concentrate, milk permeate powder, special complex of essential vegetable oils, probiotic, linseed cake powder, vitamins, micro/macro elements, glycine chelates.

Glycine chelates  are very easily absorbed so enhancing immune system and general wellness.

Linseed cake inhibits inflammation, protects small intestinal mucosa, stimulates biliary excretion, detoxicates body by binding and removing toxins from the body.

Probiotics containing milk replacers stimulates digestive system, improves resorption of nutrients, helps to restore the normal guts micro flora, enhances immune system, also has toxin-binding property.

Special complex of essential vegetable oils have bacteriostatic, bactericidal and antioxidant properties, relieve bloating, enhance functioning of digestive glands, have antiseptic properties and improve appetite.

NutriCalf guarantees good functioning of digestive system, it is delicious, contains necessary contents of nutrients, ensuring achievement of optimum weight gain/growth.

NutriCalf is effective and simple tool for raising long-lasting and productive calves.